Before a shelled pecan is ready to be sold, it must first be cleaned, sized, sterilised, cracked and finally, shelled.

    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy:

    The Pecan Fans website is maintained by Stahmann Farms Enterprises Pty Ltd.

    Stahmann Farms is committed to ensuring the privacy of individuals using the site and sending correspondence to it.

    The Pecan Fans website has been developed in a humorous tone and does not assume everyone is a pecan fan.

    Health specific information:

    Stahmann Farms acknowledges that information regarding health has a particular obligation to ensuring information provided is accurate.

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    Personal information:

    All personal details provided to become a fan club member of the Pecan Fans website will remain private.

    Marketing information will only be supplied if the user has specified they are open to receiving such updates.

    By sending a recipe to users agree that this content may be included on the Pecan Fan website for as long Stahmann Farms deems appropriate.

    Address fields are established to ensure Stahmann Farms can send the merchandise specified during times of special offers.

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    If you send an email requesting information or lodge a complaint, your details are recorded so that the matter can be responded to.

    Should you have any queries or issues please contact Richard Sampson Genest from Stahmann Farms on 07 4699 9400