There are over 1,000 varieties of pecans. Many are named after Native American Indian tribes, including Cheyenne, Mohawk, Sioux, Choctaw and Shawnee

Diva Demands Keep Pecans Perfect

Everyone loves the taste of a fresh Pecan, but many people don't understand how to store Pecans to keep them at their best.

Yes, Pecans are a fussy bunch - they like to be stored correctly to maintain flavour.

For example, did you know Pecans don't like the heat? That's right, they like to be tucked away in cool dry places. What are the other Pecan likes and dislikes? By following this storage guideline you can ensure the Pecans you eat raw, in a recipe or as part of a snack are the freshest, tastiest Pecans you can get.

Have a read of the below Pecan storage dos and don'ts to ensure your Pecans remain fresh and ready to eat, every day, in any way.

Storage Guidelines



Store Pecans in a cool, dry place

Store Pecans in direct sunlight

Store Pecans in airtight containers

Store at room temperature, especially during the warmer months

Freeze Pecans up to 12 months for further longevity

Store Pecans in an open or ill-fitting container

Protect your Pecans from the heat by storing in the refrigerator, between 0-5 degrees Celsius

Store Pecans in a damp environment

Re-stock your Pecan supply regularly and try not to keep opened packs longer than three weeks

Store Pecans with odorous products such as fruits and vegetables













With perfectly stored Pecans, you can be confident in adding them to your favourite snacks. Try these serving suggestions, and truly experience how Pecans can be eaten every day, in any way!

  • Serve as an afternoon snack with quince paste, blue cheese or goat’s cheese
  • Add Pecans to a citrus salad with green vegetables
  • Have Pecans with roasted duck to add flavor, texture, and moisture
  • Serve sautéed pears with Pecans and blue cheese
  • Make a Pecan and Parsley Pesto – a tasty alternative to the traditional  basil and pine nuts
  • To create Chilli Pecans, toss some Pecans together with butter, garlic and crushed chilli