There are over 1,000 varieties of pecans. Many are named after Native American Indian tribes, including Cheyenne, Mohawk, Sioux, Choctaw and Shawnee


The Benefits of The Pecan

Pecans are a power package of beneficial nutrients. The nutrients include:

  • Protein
  • Good fats
  • Carbohydrates (dietary fibre)
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants

 There is an association between habitual pecan consumption and:

  • Improved circulatory function
  • Lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, Type II Diabetes and some cancers

Pecans are low in saturated fat and rich in monounsaturated fats, particularly oleic acid which assists in the regulation of blood fats. Pecans also contribute to the feeling of fullness meaning they are a great addition to meals when trying to lose weight!

The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating well means feeling well. We can only live, grow and perform optimally with an appropriate nutritional intake. Consuming a healthy diet will assist in maintaining weight and preventing obesity. Healthy eating:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Enhances endurance and energy
  • Stabilises blood sugar levels which influences concentration, alertness and mood.

It also assists in stress management and stress reduction.

In the long term, a healthy lifestyle will contribute to a longer, healthier lifespan. It reduces the risk of contracting lifestyle diseases, such as cardiovascular and heart disease, Type II Diabetes, some cancers, osteoporosis, hypertension and stroke, dementia, tooth decay and complications from being overweight and obese such as joint pain and fractures. Do you need any further evidence to switch to a healthy lifestyle?

The Benefits of a Optimal Fitness

 3 areas to help you achieve optimal fitness are:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Recovery
  3. Exercise

Exercise is the ideal way to ensure our bodies are kept in their physical and mental peek.  We should ideally try to reduce the overall physiologic load on our systems however some positive stressors like exercise (not too little, not too much) are crucial to our health.  An ideal fitness plan would include:

  • Strength training
  • Metabolic conditioning
  • Power development
  • Stretching
  • Mobilisation techniques

With these foundation principles, and a well thought out frequency plan, exercise will increase your:

  • Metabolism
  • Immune system
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Bone density
  • Cognitive function
  • Overall resilience to stress

The key to longevity in any fitness routine is mobility and strength.  Mobility is needed to ensure your body’s mechanics can move freely from posture to endure a range of motion. Strength is required so your structure has the integrity and resilience to withstand the imposed demands you choose to put on your body.

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